A better night's sleep is as easy as 1-2-3.

The O2Vent Optima® is a medical device—so we can’t simply send it direct to your home. But don’t worry, we’ve made the process so much easier for you to get yours quickly! Start with a free consultation with one of our Dental Sleep Coaches to see if O2Vent Optima is right for you.


Get a prescription from a physician.

Similar to a CPAP machine, you will need a prescription from a physician that indicates they are ordering an oral appliance with airway.

The prescription should state: ”Oral Appliance with airway” or “O2Vent”.


Take your prescription to a qualified sleep dentist

  • Your dentist will determine your dental fitness for an oral appliance
  • Your dentist will take a digital scan or impressions of your teeth to customize your device
  • Your device will then be crafted

Return to your Dentist.

When your device is ready your dentist will contact you to schedule your customized fitting.

That's It!

In less than a month, you could be sleeping through the night. Imagine how your life might transform. Get started today by speaking to one of our Dental Sleep Coaches.